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The most important characteristic for an altar server is the ability to be invisible.  Everything we do as a server should enable everyone in church to raise their minds and hearts to God. If we do anything to distract them or break their concentration, we fail.  So, if you think you can be invisible, then there is no greater privilege than serving.  Altar Servers learn not just how to serve but also the meaning behind the actions of the Mass and so gain a deep understanding of the holy sacrifice.


Altar Servers assist the Priest at all weekend Masses and on weekdays when available. This ministry provides an opportunity for our young people to serve God and their parish family. It allows them to play an intricate role in the Mass itself and by their example they enable others to pray and enter into the mystery of the celebration.

New servers are invited in January each year and receive training once a week until Easter when they join the regular rota.  Girls and boys serve at Mass on a regular scheduled basis.  The rota is to ensure that everyone has a turn at performing a particular role but all servers should be in the sanctuary at every Mass they attend.  Training in more advanced serving duties take place as confidence develops and opportunity arises.  

Altar Servers have their own 'exclusive' club which meets monthly for training, fun activities and lunch. During their time of training, Altar servers learn to do all of the roles that are needed to ensure that the Mass is celebrated properly, and with reverence. Training of the members of the Club takes place in the Church and is conducted by the Parish Manager. New members learn where and how to robe in the sacristy, the correct procedure for processing into the Church and leaving at the end of Mass, how to bow and genuflect and positions they should assume during the course of the service. Members will become familiar with liturgical objects, such as the Missal, Lectionary, Lectern, credence table, etc. and also with the tools they will use during Mass, such as candles, cross, thurible, etc.

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