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We have transformed a green desert into a vibrant oasis full of biodiversity. We have a blossom circle of trees where we celebrate the onset of Spring and new beginnings after the tough few years we've all been through, and next to it an outdoor meeting space. Across from the garden is an avenue of 18 alphabet trees, each representing a letter of the ancient Irish alphabet in ogham lettering on the tree labels

The garden has been created by our parish community for our community. We garden with nature using purely organic methods of gardening with no pesticides or plastic and will only use peat free compost. We aim to upcycle and repurpose as much as possible installing water butts to collect rainwater off the roof of the hall and compost bins to create our own garden compost from all the flowers discarded from the graves and our garden waste.


It's an exciting project and we'd love everyone to be involved whether it is volunteering to help create the garden or by sponsoring some of the elements going into it etc. Please do what you can to create this wonderful space. If you would like to volunteer to help create the garden or sponsor some of its elements, please contact Brenda 07840028461 for details.

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