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Sacred Garden Project. Ogham marker posts appeal.

As part of the Sacred Garden Project, we hope to incorporate the ancient ogham script into alphabet Avenue and the garden design. The ogham alphabet consists of marks on standing stones, each of the letters is linked to a different native tree/plant and to musical notes. We hope to include small stone marker posts at each tree to help visitors to the garden to connect back to our ancient past. In the spirit of ecology, we would like to recycle old stone lintels or posts for this purpose if possible. If you have old sandstone or limestone blocks over 600 mm long and over 60mm wide/ deep please contact Brenda 07840028461 These stone posts will be carved with the modern initial for each tree an image and ogham. Because granite has a lovely speckled character it is unsuitable for these posts as we want the carving to be clear and easy to read for years to come.

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