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Youth Ministry Update

GIFT 1. Our GIFT 1 for year 8 pupils continues with a special Mass on Sunday 21st February at 11.30am when our young people will assist by welcoming, reading, singing and bring up the gifts. An end of their GIFT 1 programme will be celebrated at a night out at the YMCA on Tuesday 23rd February.

GIFT 2. A meeting has been arranged for the GIFT 2 leaders at the YMCA, Greenhill on 23rd Feb at 8pm. The GIFT 2 programme (year 9 pupils) begins on Tuesday 1st March in St Patrick's Hall, Bryansford.

GIFT 4 Pilgrimage Fundraiser - 'Recycling' Parent/guardian please pay your next instalment due to one of the GIFT committee in the parish centre on Saturday 20th February 12noon - 1pm.

Pope John Paul II Award. Congratulations to Aislinn Boden, Michael Morgan, Johnny Boyle, Leona King, Ellen Braniff, Aileen Gallagher, Kathryn Hale, Siobhan Hale, Eimer Kavanagh, Chloe McAvoy, Michaela McAvoy, Emma McCaffrey, Henry McLaughlin,

Julia Maginn, Alana Pell and Amy Phillips who successfully completed the award.

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