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Anniversary CD

The parish is recording a CD of our choirs as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. The church will be closed on five Sundays from 1pm to facilitate the recording. The January closures are 10, 17 (from 2pm owing to baptisms) and 31. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The CD will celebrate the magnificent choirs we have in our parish: Newcastle, Bryansford, Folk, and

GIFT. We will also have hymns from the inter-church choir, Fr Colin and Finbarr with his family. Gerry Doherty (Newcastle) and James Leonard (Bryansford) will record organ music. Our aim is to produce a CD which will demonstrate the outstanding quality of all those who make an important contribution to our liturgy.

We are grateful to all those involved: our choirs and musicians, Fr Colin (Assistant Co-ordinator), Tom McFarland (Recording Engineer) and Finbarr (Technical Director).

If you need further information about the CD or the closures please contact Michael Boyd, Project Co-ordinator (Tel 07753820085/


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