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We extend a sincere welcome to all our parishioners

Especially those who live alone or just feeling lonely

Or those of you who feel marginalised,

Whilst enduring the pain of isolation.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to the bereaved,

Hoping you find peace, healing and sanctum,

In our Church,

Whether attending Mass or lighting

A solitary candle.

We extend a welcome to you , if you

are just out of bed,

Or just out of prison

and have not seen the inside of a church,

for twenty years . or more.

We welcome all who are young

And those who are not so young,

Who feel religion has been forced on them,

Or have a problem with 'organised' religion.

We extend a very warm welcome to those of you

Living here, far away from your homeland,

Or on holiday,

Where the Mountain of Mourne

Really do sweep down to the sea!

We especially extend a welcome to the little ones,

From the babies in arms, to the lively toddlers,

As Jesus himself said, "suffer little children

to come onto me"

And remember, these little children will one day,

inherit the Earth.

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