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When someone close to us dies, it can be a devastating experience


After the disbelief and shock wears off we are faced with a roller coaster of emotions and at times it feels like,"I am going crazy" In the early days, painful feelings may be experienced: 

  • Anger, guilt, pining, searching

  • When absence becomes the greatest presence  

  • There may be disturbance of sleep, appetite, energy and concentration


To cry freely as we feel the need helps us to release built up tensions and is a healthy experience of grief The journey will be different for each one of us, how you grieve will be right for you - be patient with yourself. By taking time to grieve and having the courage to face your pain, helps us to heal and recover better.

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength not weakness


If you have suffered a bereavement Please make contact with a Priest of the parish if you have suffered a bereavement and desire a Catholic funeral for the deceased person. The Parish offers pastoral support, help for the family preparing the funeral liturgy and bereavement support.

Eternal Rest Grant on to them O Lord

The Funeral Mass is the central liturgical celebration for the deceased. The prayers of this Mass commend the deceased to the mercy of God and offer consolation and hope to the bereaved. As the Mass is the central act of the Churchs liturgy it is an act of worship of God by the Church.

Funeral Masses

Funeral Masses are celebrated at 10:00 am [Monday to Saturday] in Our Lady of The Assumption Church Newcastle. If a funeral Mass is to be celebrated on a Sunday,it will be celebrated at 10:00 am in St.Patrick's Church Bryansford. Due to the shortage of priests, it will only be possible to depart from this policy in exceptional circumstances and with the prior consent of a Priest of the Parish.


Months Mind and Anniversary Masses

Months Mind and Anniversary Masses can be arranged with a Priest of the Parish in the sacristy after 10:00 am Mass any morning.




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